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"It's been 6 months since I left Dublin (I am back in Russia now), but the memories about this wonderful place with its wonderful people are still bright and pleasant. 

Anna - Russia - 2017

"I did a course in DBE preparing for Cambridge BEC Higher and I couldn't have chosen a better place to do it. The atmosphere was great, relaxing and friendly.

Melina Jane, France, 2017.

Anna Yudina

Russia, 2017

"It's been 6 months since I left Dublin (I am back in Russia now), but the memories about this wonderful place with its wonderful people are still bright and pleasant. Especially one person made them last for so long - it is my English teacher Brian! I am so happy to have met such a well-qualified professional with a wonderful, easy-going personality. In all classes with Brian time seemed to fly. It's not only my opinion, it was our group's opinion as well. He knows how to explain, how to make you practice in a better way, how to make learning fun! Brian can talk to absolutely different people and find approaches to every student. I saw how people in my group started making progress, stopped being afraid of speaking in English, and fell in love with learning /practicing English. I say THANK YOU to my English teacher Brian".



Taiwan 2017.

"I did a course in DBE preparing for Cambridge BEC Higher and I couldn't have chosen a better place to do it. The atmosphere was great, relaxing and friendly. The teacher also encouraged and motivated me to hard work. What makes it so different from all other schools, is the flexibility and the fact that it focuses on the individual needs of a student. I have learned a lot, covered all the necessary concepts and received many useful tips regarding the exam itself. And guess what - I got an A! Brian - thanks a lot for all your help and support".


Melina Jane

France, 2017

"I chose one 2 one in order to prepare for the TOEIC exam. The advantage of a one to one course is that the teacher knows most of your weaknesses so the course will be focused on that – which is good If you want to learn quickly. Moreover, you have the opportunity to do a lot of different exercises and tests and wrong answers are explained by the teacher. I am not disappointed by the course I had at the Business English School so I recommend it".



Italy, 2016.

"I was looking for English language courses in Dublin to prepare for IELTS exam and my friend suggest attending a course at the Dublin Business English Centre. So, I chose Brian as my teacher and never have regretted it. Since I am working full-time job, I was worried about finding a suitable time for doing the course. However, Brian was very flexible with the time. Most of all I liked Brian`s ability to motivate me to study hard, and also ability to convince me that following his program, I will achieve desired result. And you can guess what happened? I fulfilled not only the minimum score to be enrolled at university, but I got amazing Band 8.5 in the IELTS test. Thanks to Brian for all the effort he put in teaching me".


Patricia Chavez

Mexico 2016

"I really enjoyed my English classes with Brian, they were a lot of fun and very interactive. He is a great person, friendly and an excellent teacher. The classes were good so you can learn English easily because he used different learning techniques so I thoroughly recommend the Dublin Business English Language Centre".


Cuba 2016

I am not here to say good things about Brian, I am not here to say how good or smart he is.I am here to speak about somebody that can be your teacher and your friend as well, about someone that you will never forget. Someone who has all the resources to improve your English and make you a better professional. I have been taking English lessons with Brian for a while and now I feel more confident about my English. Still a lot of work to do, but every class counts.One of the best things is the flexibility that he provides, I work full time all week and it is very important for me to be able to do the classes on the day that suits me. Brian accommodates me without ever complaining and this shows how professional he is.


Jean-Luc Vercruysse

Belgium, 2015

n April 2015, as I was unemployed, and I followed general English lessons in Belgium. Then I had the opportunity to go to Dublin in Ireland in total immersion in English. There, I followed general English and business English. Brian was my business English teacher. His lessons were very interesting and I learnt a lot in business language as well in vocabulary as in business idiomatic expressions. I was really satisfied to have chosen this English section I didn’t know. Brian was very efficient as a teacher. My classmates and I were confident in this subject. We studied the business vocabulary through many exercises. All of us had to do a presentation. I really improved my English and business English.



Germany 2014

"I have recently attended a two weeks one-to-one full-time course at the Dublin Business English Center with Brian as my teacher and I was very happy with the specially tailored and personalized course which was fully adapted to fit my needs and the entire course content.Brian's professional teaching of business communication skills helped me to gain a better grasp of grammar structures, phrases and a larger range of specific vocabulary. We covered all the business areas I needed help with and I was highly satisfied with the scheduling starting with a test and a need analysis which were sent to me prior to starting the course up to the friendly atmosphere. I really enjoyed the course and I highly recommend Brian as a teacher for effective language training. Certainly, I'll come back to the DBE to attend another business English course in reporting, writing of contracts and other specific business subjects I need for my job. Many thanks to Brian for a successful language training".


Spain, 2012

"Hi Brian,

You will like to know that l am writing you from Waterford. I have been working here since the end of May. The company I was working for in Dublin trusted me again to replace a girl who had been working here for two years and a half, but she had to leave the project. Obviously, this had not been possible if my English had not been good enough, and it is good enough because of your teaching during almost a year. So the only thing I can do is thank you for your compliment and dedication as teacher. Thanks a million and good luck".


(Poland) 2010

"I found the course hugely beneficial. The one to one class helped me to achieve my academic goal and strongly contributed to my much improved English. The atmosphere was constructive and the teacher was very encouraging. I would whole-heartedly recommend this school to any prospective student".


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