We have been in business for over 19 years and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Below you will find a few recent testimonials from very satisfied clients. But please don't take their word as gospel! You can sign up for 4 classes and then decide if you want to continue studying with us. We are confident you will.

What our

clients say:

19 years in business and we’ve worked with some awesome clients who have benefited from our knowledge, professionalism and love of what we do. Check out what some of them have to say about us.

"The online classes on zoom are great - I do them twice a week after my work in the evening. Presently, I am studying for the Cambridge B2 First exam and will be taking it in June 2024. We practise not only the strategies that are needed for this test but my teacher also helps me plug any gaps in my grammar as this is essential for both the oral and written parts. My teacher has plenty of resource material, practice tests, grammar handouts, and model answers for both speaking and writing. I am very satisfied with this school and would recommend you try these classes and see for yourself".

Maria - 2024



"I have been studying a mix of general English, speaking and exam preparation for the IELTS academic exam with Brian online for the last 3 months and I am very happy with the classes. Brian is very professional, very organised and corrects all my practice tests before my class so we have lots of time to review my mistakes and answer my questions. Feedback is essential for me to learn and he makes it his business to edit all my homework in advance of the class. This saves time allowing us to practise speaking, quickly over my mistakes and then look at new material. It works really well - I'd recommend his classes without hesitation. 

Ana - 2024

I did the F2F classes for 6 months and noticed a big improvement in my English skills. I was studying for the IELTS exam and I got a 7.5 which is amazing and definitely it's down to the great tuition I got from Brian. I really liked his relaxed but professional approach to the classes as well as the excellent material that he gave me which helped a lot. I would definitely recommend Dublin Business English. 

Clari - Argentina, 2023

"I studied with Brian at DBE for 6 months last year - 2023- taking the online classes. I wasn't sure I'd like the online classes but finally I really enjoyed them. I studied a mix of general and business English as I just wanted to improve my skills as I work in the healthcare industry in Dublin. I appreciated Brian's patience in trying to explain the tenses, those awkward prepositions and phrasal verbs etc. It was a great course.

Erni 2023

"I studied with Brian at his school in 2022.  My English was very bad  but after a few months I could hear the difference and it's all down to the hard work my teacher Brian did. He helped me with my business work as well as improving my English. My oral skills improved a lot and my writing skills too as I needed good writing skills for my job. Thanks brian!

Miriam, Spain, 2022

"I attended a general business English course with DBE. Initially, we focused on the grammar tenses and then he helped me with stuff I do at work - especially my emails which I really needed help with. I was really happy with the way the classes went and would recommend DBE as a great school to improve your English.

Luca -2019

"We came to Dublin in 2019 and needed a good teacher to help us with our English. Brian was very flexible and always did the classes at times that suited us. We worked on the grammar, reading and speaking skills and finally both of us felt a lot more confident. Bravo Brian! 

Stefano & Riccardo 2019

"I studied the TOEIC exam with Brian for 6 months in 2019 and I was very happy with the classes. Brian is very professional, very organised and corrects all my practice tests before my class so we have lots of time to review my mistakes and answer my questions. I got 840 so I couldn't be happier with this school.

Emi - 2018

Anna, 2018


I studied the TOEIC test for 12 weeks and did very well in my exam - an 880! I couldn't have achieved this without the help of my amazing teacher and his motivation to help me excel in this exam. We did many practice tests and worked on the areas I needed help on. His friendliness and result-driven approach is what impressed me the most.

Dublin business English

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