Business English

This course is designed to cover the English needed in the everyday business and workplace situation. It is suitable for those working in management, office administration, HR (Human Resources), customer service or sales/marketing roles who wish to develop their English language skills at work. We also prepare students for business English exams: BEC Vantage, BEC Advanced and TOEIC.

Classes are organised to improve your communication skills by building on grammar structures. Vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills are taught in a business context.  Courses are tailor-made to each individual or particular group. We introduce you to a range of digital resources to support your independent study, and your quest to become a lifelong language learner.

Below, I list a sample syllabus over a typical 12 week course: We use material from Cambridge's 'Business Benchmark', Pearson's 'Market Leader' series, worksheets from Linguahouse, ESL Brains, and articles (text, listening and viewing) from various news broadcasters such as BBC News, CNN, Sky and popular presentations from 'TED Talks'.

Business topics:

  • Week 1: Corporate Culture
  • Week 2: Leaders and Managers
  • Week 3: Work & Job satisfaction
  • Week 4: Brands / Marketing
  • Week 5: Advertising
  • Week 6: Meetings
  • Week 7: Presentation skills
  • Week 8: Writing skills.
  • Week 9: Customer service
  • Week 10: Globalisation
  • Week 11: Starting a business
  • Week 12: Exit test & feedback.


Interim & final reports: You will receive a progress report at the half-way stage of your course. At the end of your course you will do an "exit" test. We correct and discuss your results with you in addition to giving a comprehensive feedback report with suggestions and advice for future independent study. In addition, you will receive a certificate of attendance; outlining the duration of your course, and the proficiency level attained.

Dublin business English

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