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Course: General Business English

This course is designed to cover the English needed in the everyday business and workplace situation. It is suitable for those working in management, office administration, HR (Human Resources), customer service or sales/marketing roles who wish to develop their English language skills at work. Classes are organized to improve your communication skills by building on grammar structures. Vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills are taught in a business context. We practice writing professional reports, emails, and letters, and proposals. A strong emphasis on good punctuation, paragraphing and good structure is promoted if writing is a priority.

Courses are tailor-made to each individual or particular group. Below, I list a sample syllabus over a typical 12 week course.

Business topics:
* Week 1: Corporate culture
* Week 2: Leaders and Managers - discuss diverse management styles and famous business leaders
* Week 3: Work / job satisfaction
* Week 4: Entrepreneurship - setting up your own business/looking at business plans
* Week 5: Brands, Marketing/ Social-Media Marketing / Facebook / Memes
* Week 6: Advertising - discuss various advertisements on TV / design your own brochure/ logo
* Week 7: Meetings - role play, giving opinions / agreeing & disagreeing
* Week 8: Presentation skills - students practise making short presentations
* Week 9: Writing skills - emails, memos, formal/informal letters, reports & proposals
* Week 10: Customer service
* Week 11: Showcase the best language apps/websites for your personal use
* Week 12: Summative test & feedback.

However, nothing is "fixed in stone" but these are just a few of the key areas we offer our clients. Unlike most English language schools today who focus primarily on the "communicative method", we focus on all the language skills that are needed to succeed in today's fast-moving high-tech workplace which include: reading, listening, and writing skills, in addition to getting the students to hone their oral skills; all underpinned by a strong foundation of grammar rules. This is our methodology - a combination of the communicative and grammar translation method - this is what we believe to be the most effective way to improve your language skills in the long run. Apart from the main business topics mentioned above, we also put a lot of emphasis on the "lexical approach" to learning a language. You will be exposed to a lot of new vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs in both general and business English contexts.

Classes take place in the morning, afternoon or evenings. The tuition rate is based on the number of hours required by the student. Individual students can do from as little as one hour of language tuition per week up to a maximum of 20 hours a week. Individuals will be assessed initially and a comprehensive programme will be designed to fit your requirements. You will receive a progress report at the half-way stage of your course. At the end of your course (usually 12 weeks) you will do an end of course test on all the language areas (grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening) you did during your course. We correct and discuss your results with you in addition to giving a comprehensive feedback report with suggestions for future study. In addition, you will receive a certificate of attendance; outlining the duration of your course, and the proficiency level attained.

Payment terms:

  • Fees are non-refundable except where the course fails to take place.
  • Full fees must be paid upfront in cash or bank transfer to "Dublin Business Language Centre".
  • Whenever a student is unable to attend, we will do our best to rearrange the class at an alternative time during the week. However, missed classes will not be reimbursed in any circumstances unless reasonable notice is given to the school (at least 24 hours' notice!)
  • All classes must be carried out within the agreed time period, and any classes not used within the agreed time period will lapse.

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