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Corporate Business English

The school has been providing business English language training for foreign staff working in companies based in Dublin since 2005. We have built up a good reputation for excellent service and this has been key to our success. We have experience dealing with both small & medium sized companies as well as multinationals in a wide range of business sectors notably: finance/auditing, information technology, hotel and leisure and the retail industry to name but a few.

Initially, we meet with both the HR/Training department and the individual student(s) to assess their needs and proficiency level. Private individuals as well as group students are given a language test as well as a mini interview to accurately assess their proficiency level. Courses are tailored according to the students' needs and company priorities. This is a cornerstone of the school's philosophy - namely designing a tailor made course for each and every student. Group students should have similar levels and learning objectives as the programme would cover the collective needs in this case. Below, I list a sample syllabus over a 12 week course.

* Week 1: Corporate culture
* Week 2: Leaders and Managers
* Week 3: Work / job satisfaction
* Week 4: Money / entrepreneurship
* Week 5: Advertising
* Week 6: International business
* Week 7: Meetings
* Week 8: Presentation skills
* Week 9: Writing skills
* Week 10: Telephone skills
* Week 11: Course round-up
* Week 12: Summative test + feedback.

However, nothing is "fixed in stone" but these are just a few of the key areas we offer our clients. Unlike most English language schools today who focus primarily on the "communicative method", we focus on all the language skills that are needed to succeed in today's fast-moving high-tech workplace which include: reading, listening, and writing skills, in addition to getting the students to hone their oral skills; all underpinned by a strong foundation of grammar rules. This is our methodology - a combination of the communicative and grammar translation method - this is what we believe to be the most effective way to improve your language skills in the long run. Apart from the main business topics mentioned above, we also put a lot of emphasis on the lexical approach to learning a language. You will be exposed to a lot of new vocabulary, idioms, phrasal verbs in both general and business English contexts.

We can send a teacher to your premises at a time to suit your staff. We are available from 8am to 8pm Monday- Friday.

Corporate Prices
Prices are very competitive and are all inclusive. All preliminary assessments and tests (entry tests, tests handed out during the course and the final exit test) are administered and corrected free of charge. Each student gets resource material sent to them via their 'Dropbox' or 'Google Docs' account after every class incorporating the material covered in class. In addition, students have direct access to their language tutors via email or social media sites whenever they have any queries.

Private Tuition: €75 for 1 hour / €100 for 1.5 hours
Group Tuition: €100 per hour for a small group (up to 3/4 students)
Larger groups: Please phone us for prices.

Payment Terms
A 12 weeks' course is recommended but we can do shorter more intensive courses if required. Full fees must be paid in advance. Payments to be made by bank transfer only to "Dublin Business English". Whenever a student is unable to attend, we will do our best to rearrange the class at an alternative time during the week. However, missed classes will not be reimbursed in any circumstances unless reasonable notice is given to the school (at least 24 hours' notice). All classes must be carried out within the agreed time period, and classes will be forfeited if they run over the agreed time period.