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sed The school has been providing business English language training for foreign staff working in companies based in Dublin since 2005. We have built up a good reputation for excellent service and this has been key to our success. We have experience dealing with both small & medium sized companies as well as multinationals in a wide range of business sectors notably: finance/auditing, information technology, hotel and leisure and the retail industry to name but a few.

Initially, we meet with both the HR/Training department and the individual student(s) to assess their needs and proficiency level. Private individuals as well as group students are given a language test as well as a mini interview to accurately assess their proficiency level. Courses are tailored according to the students' needs and company priorities. This is a cornerstone of the school's philosophy - namely designing a tailor made course for each and every student. Group students should have similar levels and learning objectives as the programme would cover the collective needs in this case. Below, I list a sample syllabus for a 1 hour class per week over a 12 week course. A revised programme would be drawn up after consulting with the HR or department managers on the topics/ areas that the students need.

* Week 1: Corporate culture
* Week 2: Leaders and Managers
* Week 3: Work / job satisfaction
* Week 4: Entrepreneurship: setting up your own business
* Week 5: Marketing / brands
* Week 6: International Marketing
* Week 7: Meetings
* Week 8: Presentation skills
* Week 9: Writing skills
* Week 10: Customer service
* Week 11: Advertising
* Week 12: Summative test & feedback.


However, nothing is "fixed in stone" but these are just a few of the key areas we can offer our clients. We focus on all the language skills that are needed to succeed in today's fast-moving high-tech workplace which include: reading, listening, and writing skills, in addition to getting the students to hone their oral skills; all underpinned by a strong foundation of grammar rules. Apart from the main business topics mentioned above, we also put a lot of emphasis on the lexical approach to learning a language; tudents are exposed to vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs in a business English context.

We can send a teacher to your premises at a time to suit your staff or we can do online classes at times that suit your staff or even a blended approach: a combination of both online and face to face classes. Make this time a productive time - learning online complements classroom based teaching and for many students this may be a good option.

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