Training courses are carried out either online via zoom or on-site. We recommend a minimum of 12 classes for both individuals and groups. Prices include relevant hand-outs and the school's proprietary grammar handouts which are sent via google classroom and/or email after every class. Google classroom allows us to store everything you learn in one place for your convenience.


€20 / hour
  • €20 for 1 hour for individual classes
  • €40 for 2 classes per week.
  • €80 for 4 classes over 2 weeks

€400 for 10 classes (two classes of 1 hour duration per week)


€15 / hour
  • €15 an hour per student for group online classes - 2 students
  • €10 an hour for group online classes 3+ student


€50 / hour
  • €50 for 1 hour for individual classes
  • €75 for 1 hour group class per week - 2-4 students
  • €100 per hour for large group classes 4+ students

Payment terms:

  • Fees must be paid in advance. Payments to be made by bank transfer only.
  • Fees are non-refundable except where the course fails to take place.
  • Whenever a student is unable to attend, we will do our best to rearrange the class at an alternative time during the week. However, missed classes will not be reimbursed in any circumstances unless reasonable notice is given to the school (at least 24 hours' notice!)
  • All classes must be carried out within the agreed time period, and any classes not used within the agreed time-period will lapse.

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