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This course is for both newly qualified and novice teachers who would like advice and on-going support on how they can achieve better learner outcomes for their students. Introductory ELT courses are great for getting you started in your teaching career but where do you go then for guidance and support. In many cases newly qualified CELTA teachers "are thrown in at the deep end" and are expected to teach effectively to all proficiency levels. This is not fair on teachers or students and neither the 4 week CELTA course nor basic onboarding from your DoS will not bridge this gap.

My course will look at where you are today, in essence the gaps in your skill-set and on how you can build your knowledge step by step in the shortest possible time. My course is student centred, interactive and specific to each teacher. We can also help students doing the CELTA or Trinity CELTA courses; assisting you with your assignments as well as tips on good classroom management & preparing lesson plans. Finally we can also help more experienced teachers who plan on doing a master's degree in TESOL.

We offer the following modules:

  • Week 1: Classroom management
  • Week 2: AI in the classroom
  • Week 3: Using songs as a teaching tool
  • Week 4: Bringing fun into learning
  • Week 5: Teaching grammar
  • Week 6: Productive skills: speaking & writing
  • Week 7: Receptive skills: listening & reading
  • Week 8: Teaching IELTS: academic & general
  • Week 9: Teaching Business English
  • Week 10: Teaching Cambridge exams: B2 & C1
  • Week 11: Using your lesson plan as a teacher tool
  • Week 12: Vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs
  • Week 13: Career choices for EFL teachers
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I have worked in the English Language Industry for over 30 years both at home and abroad and have amble experience to help you become a more confident and skilled teacher. You can sign up for a few of the modules listed above- namely the subject areas that you need help with or are most interested in. Some of the modules will need a number of classes depending on your experience, for example; teaching grammar to the different langauge proficiency levels (A1-C2) exams classes like IELTS, general English Cambridge B2/C1 & business English exams like TOEIC, Cambridge B2 Vantage & C1 advanced.

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