Evening online or F2F classes are designed for students who wish to improve their communication skills in either a general or a business English context. We also offer general English exam classes: the IELTS Academic and General Training exam, Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced. Classes start at 5pm and run until 9pm each evening. You can book your day and time which we keep for you for the duration of your course. An example of a 12 week general English course is outlined below.

Evening general English course

  • Week 1: Introductions, hobbies/interests/goals and expectations
  • Week 2: Linguahouse reading on “ Coffee Culture”
  • Week 3: TedTalks – “ Try something new for 30 days”
  • Week 4: General English idioms
  • Week 5: Culture + phrasal verbs
  • Week 6: “Visiting Ireland” - discussion on Ireland
  • Week 7: “Is the customer king?”
  • Week 8: Commonly confused words in English
  • Week 9: TED Talks “Do schools kill creativity”
  • Week 10: Travel
  • Week 11: Social media / fake news
  • Week 12: Exit test & feedback.

All preliminary assessments and tests are done free of charge. Prices include digital resource material: course books, exam material and grammar handouts.

Each student gets soft copies of the material sent to them via 'Google classroom' after every class incorporating the material covered in class and the homework to be completed for the following class.



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