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Future Tenses

Future Tenses Part 1

There are many ways to describe the future and I list some of them below:

Present Simple

We use the present simple to talk about a timetable or a programme


The train leaves at 8am tomorrow morning

What time does your flight leave tomorrow?


The meeting starts at 9am 2morrow

Your class starts at 10pm on Friday

2.Present Continuous

We use the present continuous to talk about a fixed arrangement in the future.


I am meeting my friend tonight at 9pm

I am going to the cinema with a friend on Friday

3.Going to + bare infinitive

We use going to + infinitive to talk about what we intend to do (intention) or have already decided to do.


I am going to study Chinese next year

It’s Pat’s birthday tomorrow; I’m going to buy her a new camera

b)We also use the going to + infinitive for future predictions when we have evidence


There are big black clouds in the sky – It’s going to rain

4.Will + Infinitive


We use will + infinitive to talk about something we have decided at the moment of speaking (quick / spontaneous decisions)


Speaker 1. ‘ I’m hungry’

Speaker 3 ‘ I’ll make you a sandwich’


We use will + infinitive to say something we think or believe will happen in the future (prediction with no evidence)


I think Japan will win the world cup in 2018

c.We use will + infinitive when we promise or offer to do something for someone.


I’ll pick you up at the airport (if you like)

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