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Static and Dynamic Verbs

a) Some verbs are non – action verbs, i.e they don’t do anything; for example, I like ice cream or I want a coffee. These are known as state or stative verbs as opposed to dynamic verbs, where the person is actively doing something e.g. I am drinking a coffee. See, smell, hear, think and…

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Future Tenses

Future Tenses Part 1 There are many ways to describe the future and I list some of them below: Present Simple We use the present simple to talk about a timetable or a programme Examples: The train leaves at 8am tomorrow morning What time does your flight leave tomorrow? Programme: The meeting starts at 9am…

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Business Idiom 1

Idiom: “Don’t blow your own trumpet” Meaning: When you tell others how great and successful you are ( you know who you are!!) Example: Pete is always “blowing his own trumpet” telling everyone that he is the best singer in Ireland!

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