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Course: General Business English

This course is designed for students (both individuals and groups) who wish to improve their communication skills in English in a business context. Classes are organized to improve your communication skills by building on grammar structures. Vocabulary, listening, reading and writing skills are taught in a business context. A strong emphasis on good punctuation, paragraphing and good structure is promoted if writing is a priority.

This course is designed to cover the English needed in the everyday business and workplace situation. It is suitable for students who are working in management, office administration, HR (Human Resources), customer service or sales/marketing roles who wish to develop their English language skills at work. Courses are tailor-made to each individual or particular group but below I list some key areas that we offer here at DBE. We look at the topic of management, examine the different management styles and teach key management terminology. We look at entrepreneurship and the pros and cons of being self-employed versus being an employee in a firm. In addition, you can examine key marketing terminology found in the following: advertising, branding, publicity and market research; in addition to word collocations and phrases that are common in these business areas. We also practice delivering authentic presentations that clients can do individually or in groups; we role-plays, meetings, and have debates on topics such as the use of social media in marketing, or 'the implications of Brexit' for example. We practice writing professional reports, emails, and letters; reports and proposals. Nothing is "fixed in stone" at Dublin Business English but these are just a few of the core areas we offer our clients.

Classes take place in the morning, afternoon or evenings. The tuition rate is based on the number of hours required by the student. Individual students can do from as little as one hour of language tuition per week up to a maximum of 3 hours a week (2 classes of 1.5 hours). Individuals will be assessed initially and a comprehensive programme will be designed by the Director of Studies to fit your requirements. Before starting the course proper, we will assess your specific language needs and proficiency level. The school provides its own proprietary handouts. Each student gets material sent to them via their email or their 'Dropbox' account after every class incorporating the material covered in class. In addition, students have direct access to their language tutors via email and social media sites (Skype / Facebook) whenever they have any queries or need a class offsite. On completion of the course, you will be presented with a certificate giving details of your proficiency level and the duration of the course.